Onyx projects and offices celebrate milestones with recognition luncheons, and site celebrations. Employees are recognized for their contributions to keeping our workforce safe and our company’s incident rates low.

Onyx believes all incidents are predictable and preventable. By training our employees to anticipate potential hazards and equipping them with safe work practices to alleviate or prevent those hazards, we reaffirm Onyx status as one of the safest contractors in the business. While this keeps Onyx competitive in the marketplace, above all it protects our most valuable asset – our employees.

Based on the value placed on safe work practices, Onyx has developed programs to recognize projects and offices that successfully implement safe work practices by setting and achieving safe work-hour goals.

Following are the awards for which a project site or office may become eligible, as well as the criteria for each.

Incident Elimination Program
The Incident Elimination Program awards are reserved for the very best performers. The Incident Elimination Program has established a new standard of expectation and recognition in the industry.

The criteria are as follows:

  • No injury or illness resulting in a DART-L case
  • No environmental citations or other regulatory agency citations
  • No fatalities on the project site or office for the 6-month period immediately proceeding the accomplishment period
  • The project site’s or office’s application of the High-Impact Incidents Elimination Reduction Techniques successful completion of the verification audit Projects and offices can apply for Incident Elimination awards based upon completion of safe work hours.

Safety Achievement & Merit Awards
Onyx Safety Achievement award is reserved for Million Plus safe work-hour achievements and
the Onyx Merit Award for achievements that are less than one million safe work hours. Awards are based on total project site or office performance, including contractor personnel. The project may be self-perform, construction management, or operations and maintenance.

Employee Honors Program
The Employee Honors Program was established to encourage safety awareness among Onyx employees and contractors – an awareness that is essential to the continuous performance improvement for which we strive. By recognizing employees who assume responsibility for the safety of themselves, their coworkers, and those in the communities in which they work, we reinforce the vital role that safety plays in maintaining Onyx status as a leader in the construction industry. Most importantly, this program recognizes employees for protecting each other.

The Employee Safety Achievement Award recognizes those employees who have acted in a lifesaving manner and assisted others in distress either on or off the job, and is the most esteemed award Onyx offers.

The Employee Safety Awareness Award is awarded to employees who have been involved in an accident or incident where serious injury was avoided through the use of proper personal protective equipment (PPE).

Onyx HSE Certifications
Onyx HSE Certifications, defines the process for Onyx to apply for external certifications such as the U.S. OSHA Voluntary Protection Program (VPP), OSHAS 18001, ISO 140001, ANSI Z10, or the Australian Standard 1408. The practice currently addresses the steps sites must complete to apply for participation in the U.S. OSHA VPP. As the program expands, the application processes for other certifications will be added.

An HSE Certified Site signifies the site has demonstrated an exceptional level of HSE performance compared to established standards in the Site HSE Management System. Onyx Certified Sites may be encouraged to pursue external certifications such as the following:

  • ISO 14001
  • OSHAS 18001
  • ANSI Z10
  • Australian Standard 1408

Onyx Safety can/shall provide additional information for requirements from project to project.