New employees deserve our attention. An aggressive new employee development program reduces the potential for injuries with employees who are not familiar with the project, and the program offers an opportunity for managers to share their expectations at new hire orientations.

An HSE culture begins with visible management leadership and a commitment to HSE Incidents
Elimination techniques. When top management gets involved with inspections, leads investigations, and participates in employee orientations, they demonstrate the value of the HSE program. New employees see the commitment, and they begin to adapt to the companies HSE culture as they have more exposure to management leadership during their first few months onsite.

Note: A new employee who meets a manager during orientation and hears a personal commitment to safety is more likely to start work with a safe attitude.

Industry workplace injury trends indicate that approximately 40 percent of injuries occur to new-hire employees with less than 3 months’ tenure on the job.

Early identification and correction of unsafe work habits will help to promote a safe and healthy workplace.

A new employee development (NED) program is designed to heighten safety awareness during the newhire acclimation process. Details of how the program works:

  • All newly hired and newly assigned field employees will attach an NED sticker to their hard hats (or badges where applicable) for a period of 30 days (or less during shorter scheduled events such as outages/turnarounds and as approved in the Site HSE Plan). The intent is to assist project/site management, supervision, and others in identifying new employees and allowing intervention when their behavior or environment puts them at risk.

  • During this time, each new employee will have assigned to them an experienced “mentor” who has demonstrated safe work habits and has been on the job more than 30 days. When a new project/site is in the process of deployment, the Project/Site Manager will determine the respective mentors. Mentors shall be used to promote ownership and accountability of this key initiative.

  • New Employee Development evaluation forms should be completed and shared with the employee upon completion of the program.

  • The outer ring of the perforated sticker will be removed after 30 days, given the employee’s demonstration of his/her ability to safely perform their work and with approval of their respective mentor.

The NED program enhances the well-being of employees, reduces workers’ compensation cost, and distinguishes a companies safety performance from competitors. Contractors also benefit from this high-impact program because they witness Onyx commitment to HSE.

Onyx Safety Services can/shall provide additional information for requirements from project to project.